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Kathy Kiuna, who is known as mum by her church followers, has narrated how her daughter was approached by a married man and  turned him down.

Taking to her social media Kiuna said

‘A Dota of mine was asked out by a married man and she said a loud NO. He told her he never loses he always wins so it was just a matter of time.

When he said that she decided to give him a chance and asked him what he meant by winning. She then explained to him what winning really was and that his winning was twisted.’

‘I want a husband with qualities similar to those of my dad’ Hamisa

Further adding

‘She said if she gave in and he slept with her, he would have lost not won.

Winning is when he feels like doing it but overcomes it by doing the right thing as opposed to succumbing to his feelings.

That man’s eyes were so opened that he quotes her everywhere for saving him from himself and thus saving his family and his wayward way of thinking.

Winning is when you overcome the freshly desires, allowing the word of God to guide you. Win from today in Jesus Name.’

Kathy, who is the founder of Jubilee Christian Church, is considered a role model by many thanks to her mentorship.

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