Mama Dangote
Mama Dangote

In an Instagram video posted by Mama Dangote one can deduce that major shade is being thrown at Tanasha. The subject matter is about women who get a child for a man thinking it is a guarantee that he will stick around.

In the video an unidentified woman is seen advising women not to trap men with kids.

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According to the woman spotted on Mama Dangote’s video, no man can calm down or stop jumping from one woman to the other just because his partner bore a baby.

 “First of all, you cannot use a baby to trap a man or make him settle.

Also, a man cannot be stolen therefore women need to stop claiming someone stole their man from them.

A man will only settle when he wants to,’ she said.

The sentiments by Mama Dangote comes weeks after Tanasha Donna talked about how unprepared she was to become a mother.

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Speaking during an interview with True Love Magazine, she said,

“I was in shock. I was not ready to be a mom. I know I wasn’t being responsible because I wasn’t on any birth control.

It did cross my mind that I could if I wanted to, get rid of the pregnancy but I could not go through with it.

I would edit the photos to hide my pregnancy. I was going through so much with the media. and was realizing that this comes with it. I had to come to terms with life in the limelight.’

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