Zari and Dark Stallion

Zari Hassan has advised women to be careful as there are fellow women who only follow them so as to get something to gossip about.

It’s said that women are jealous in nature but that cannot deem Zari’s light as she is determined to be a motivation to those who are genuine.

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Taking to her Insta stories, the mother of five advised.

‘Ladies protect your energy at all costs, There are a lot of women who follow you on social media that DO NOT like you. They envy your lifestyle and go after what you have. They frown at your pictures and they’re mad at the way others interact with you. They follow you only to get a glimpse into your life just so that they can sit around and talk about you.

Her advise

Continue to be happy “,” Continue to flourish Continue to glow 


She also advised people on taking responsibility and stop blaming other people when things do not go their way.

The day you are done blaming your parents, the politicians, the circumstances, fate, bad luck, things over which you have no control, that’s the day you start on your path to great success.


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