Five High School Students from St Georges Secondary School have gone to court seeking to have the school compelled to readmit them after they were expelled for being suspected to be engaging in Lesbianism.


The 17-year girls claim that they were suspended and later expelled without a valid reason, which they say is contrary to the constitution and the basic education act.

They were caught sleeping by the deputy headmistress who gave them foolscaps and demanded they write about their sleepover.

During a disciplinary committee session, the parents were asked whether their daughters were lesbians and whether they were attracted to women. In an affidavit, one parent says she was informed that her daughter was expelled because she associated herself with another female student who is a criminal.

The five want the court to stop the school from discriminating and victimizing them following their readmission to the school. They also want an order directing the school to pay tuition fees incurred during their suspension and any other costs incurred while admitting the children in other schools.