Lolani Kalu

Weeks ago photos of an ashy looking Lolani Kalu went viral and many couldn’t grasp how such a former journalist could look that way.

In the photos Lolani looked more older, a bit skinny and even wore shabby clothes.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, Lolani explained how a friend he had trusted to be his contractor duped him and left the house unfinished.

‘When I retired three years ago, I did so in good faith.

After retirement  I looked for a place to live with my family.

During that time My dad got ill for an year, so I was in between taking care of my dad’s health and building my house.

I was confused at the time.

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I found a contractor who was also my friend, he duped me and ran away when the house was half way. 

He took advantage of the fact that I was busy doing other things/projects so I rarely  went to check.

As my friend I trusted him enough to wait till he completed the house.

The house never got completed up to date.’

Lolani added

‘We continued paying rent, school fees and life continued that is why my money got exhausted. 

My mum is not sick she is just old so it’s normal to have issues once in a while.

Lolani further stated that ha never been the kind to dress flamboyantly, that’s not who I am so me dressing in the clothes I was in does not mean am suffering.

‘Spendi ufahari, since back in the day. That is why I never change.’

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‘I started working in the media industry at age 20. And my talent is what has gotten me where I am.

People saw me farming and living with my mum and assumed that I am suffering but am not. 

God has his own ways which as men we do not know. In life sometimes money comes and goes.’

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