Akothee Miniskirt

David Ole Sankok, chairman of National Council of Persons living with disabilities has come to Akothee’s defence after she was frozen at the gate of parliament over her dress code.

Akothee had paid a visit to Parliament to meet Sankok before she was barred from entering the August house by security.

The reason was her neon green suit with a micro mini.

To access the ‘Members Only’ restaurant, she had to wear a shawl to cover herself over the miniskirt that was dimmed too short for parliament.

Talking about the issue Sankok said,

How can I apologize for bringing a beautiful Kenyan with long legs to invite MPs to support her fund to help suffering Kenyans in Turkana?

She was extremely well dressed, she was in official wear.

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Akothee having breakfast at Weston hotel
Akothee having breakfast at Weston hotel

When I went to receive her at the gate I analysed her from all angles and she was well dressed.
When I came here they said the skirt must be below the knee.

Akothee Miniskirt

Speaking about her dressing Akothee said she had decent enough  that next time she would consider wearing a trouser.

She also added that it is nice for such places to have a set code of dressing to allow for sanity to reign.

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