I can smell the weekend! And not a moment too soon too. I am truly fatigued having had a long tiring week and I hope yours was just as productive as mine. But for now, allow me to give you an energy boost with the 7 hottest stories Kenyans are talking about:

#1. Fred Omondi

Eric Omondi’s Brother Almost Loses His Life In Horrific Road Crash (Photos)

Fred Omondi, the younger brother to popular comedian Eric Omondi is lucky to be alive today. Fred escaped death by a whisker yesterday after he was involved in a grisly road accident in the city.


KULA KWA MACHO! Meet Betty Opondo, The Sexologist Who Makes Kenyan Women And Men Wet Their Pants Even Before The Real Action

Forget sexologist Maurice Matheka. There’s a new sex auntie in town. She is none other than Betty Opondo. She is the lady who keeps you glued to the  radio listening to her teach women and men on how to improve their bedminton skills on the popular Radio Jambo’s programme Bahari Ya Mapenzi every evening from 10pm to midnight on weekdays.


Exposed! Here’s The Man Who Has Been Warming Jacque Maribe’s Bed


‘I Only Have My ‘Dudu’ The BMW Story Was A Fabrication’ Says Grace Msalame

After a blog sensationally alleged that Grace Msalame was bought for an expensive gift in form of a BMW X5, she has come out to tell it like it is. The super hot television personality is actually throwing some humour on it!


Aaaw! Find Out The Cute Reason Why You Will Not See Ababu Namwamba At The Cord Demonstrations


Witness Tells Court How Louis Otieno Would Sneak Into Careen’s House

Louis Otieno is currently in court as his alleged ex-girlfriend’s family attempts to seek justice for their daughter, who was found murdered in her apartment. And things are getting out of hand already, with witnesses and Louis Otieno himself taking the stand to give their testimonies that sometimes sound like something out of a movie.

#7. Jeremy_Kiuna

While You’re Catching Tear Gas, Kathy Kiuna’s Son Is Catching Flights! (PHOTO)

Rich kids are so lucky. They are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Seeing as they are born into wealth, they never lack anything. From attending prestigious schools to cruising in expensive machines to visiting exotic beaches for holidays. The rich should always thank God for all they have.