So there’s this Nigerian man out here talking s**t about women from his country.

The Nigerian man has revealed that he likes to sample different nunus but he isn’t pleased at all.

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Chineke! Mzungu contracts SUPER GONORRHEA after ‘eating’ nunu in Southeast Asia

He claims most of the women he has bedded do not observe hygiene and below is what he wrote to a relationship expert.

“I want to vent my anger today because it has been long I’ve been enduring this and I keep thinking something will be done but I always get the same results. Why is it that like 90% of Naija girls nunus always smell like a rotten or dead rat? I’m so disappointed even in the so-called ones here on social media that you think are neat most of them are just so dirty.

How can I  give head with this kind odour coming out of your nunu?  I spend so much on these girls to find out that after everything I’ll Ion my urge and tell them to go am no more interested. The last one I spent like 50k on was so smelly that after that day I blocked her number this so annoying now. Can you imagine that ordinary olosho is neater than most girls you see in Nigeria claiming one thing or the other? In fact, it’s even better to masturbate than sleeping with Nigerian girls. I’m so disappointed.”

Check out the reactions

Gkas: Until you get a mouth disease you will learn….. like seriously do people have no fear of just sucking a stranger

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Miss_wealth: Thank you, brother, for your observation, keep sleeping with all Nigerian girls continue, HIV will soon call you.

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Mylady_eve: When dirty meet dirty…

Freshest: Continue looking for nunu to lick.

Belle: No doubt this one is a born bastard!

Miss: Most men also don’t know that their sperm/semen has a smell that puts some ladies off without their knowledge. Most of them that smell that way are either alcoholics, drug users, have bad hygiene, bad feeding habits, aren’t conscious of the kind of underwear to use or have unprotected sex too often. So sometimes that smell isn’t really from a VAGINA! It’s your damn SPERM! A sperm is supposed to smell like chlorine or bleach.#if only y’all knew how some of us take good care of that area.

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