I know that this topic has crossed your mind a couple of times by now. If money was not an issue, what would I do about life? How would you live it?

Here is my take.

1. Loans, mortgages and debts won’t exist how we wish we could be debt-free in this economy. People these days have setbacks that hinder progress, either bank loans, school loans, house mortgages, some have not graduated simply because they lacked the money to do that. If you had money all that would be gone in a whisker.

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2. You would own a grand home. You would like to enjoy your privacy in peace, with each of your family members having a sacred space of their own. This would mean that you are free from the pressure that would come ‘with’ it as well as have that safe space to unwind, at the comfort of your home.
And if you know BBC lifestyle Presenter, Kevin McCloud of Grand Homes would definitely pay you a visit.

3. You would drive a luxurious car and have a personal driver. This would mean that you can travel to any destination with ease without worrying about how late it is. Nor would you worry whether you will have to use other means of transport to get you to that place that you want.

4. A closet full of shoes and clothes. At some point, you will even have a personal designer to dress you and the amount they would charge you for the service would not mean anything to you. You would always look your best and maybe even start a brand that would sell and send millions of dollar back into your account.

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5. Travel to every part of the world every weekend. When you are ridiculously wealthy, the world is literally your oyster. Who wouldn’t want to Snapchat and Instagram their new locations every weekend or just have a good private time with our loved ones? All you have is to do is close your eyes and point on a map and boom! Your wish is granted.

6. Eat and drink the best

If expensive wines, champagnes, vodkas are your thing, then that would be gladly served to you.
A wine cellar occupying acres of land in a warehouse somewhere, where you and your loved could have bottles of (Domaine Leroy Chambertin Grand Cru) or Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck for $275,000 one of the most expensive wine and champagne. Sigh! That is the life.

7. Kids would use a chopper to school

Definitely they would be in one of those pretentious international schools or maybe homeschooling. They won’t have to suffer the long boring rides to school or even be late for school because they were stuck in traffic.

8. You would have investments all over the world
Your name would be in peoples mouths over different continents. Why? Maybe because of your brand or companies that you own, and this would be a great source of income and bring the money back in your accounts. Billions of dollars would be in the stocks or shares in companies, buildings would be named after you.

Story by Margaret Wanjiru

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