If your man is not doing some of these things below, he is just wasting your time and a mind-shattering heartbreak is not far off.

He will say it 

Even before we get to actions, admitting it with his mouth he will have already done that.

Men don’t want to leave the room for you to wonder where it is that you exactly stand with them.

Let him tell you if he is ready to commit or not.

He will better himself

More and more the woman will become the source of inspiration to him, her coming to his life will usher in a better him.

It’s not that he wants to merely impress her, but that he feels she is worthy of his best. He will drop some behaviours he had before she came along and adapt to new ones.


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He treats you like a priority

Being a priority means you matter to him.

Your needs and wants matter. And you’re important to him.

He won’t cancel plans at the last minute (unless it’s an emergency), and he also won’t make plans last minute.

He will not rush into sex
How a man behaves before he pops the cherry says a lot about him.

A man who wants to settle down will, of course, have sex at the back of his mind, but it will not be rushed.

It will happen at the right time.


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Introduce you to his friends

A man who is serious about a woman will show her off to his friends and family.

A man who finds you worthy of being his wife will claim you like a trophy.

If your man is not doing that, ask yourself where you stand in his life.

Shows you through his actions

Talk can be cheap. It’s easy to say you like someone … showing it through actions is a different story.

A man’s actions will show you exactly where he stands.

He’ll take himself off dating sites and apps when he wants to be exclusive to you.

He’ll cut off all contact with exes, booty calls, and girls he was “talking” to.

You become the main woman in his life.


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He will not cheat
A man who cheats is not ready for marriage.

If he stops cheating on you he is ready to settle down.

A cheating man means he is not interested in being a commitment to any woman.

He plans with you
He will involve you in his future plans if he wants to settle down with you.

He will ask you for advice whenever he wants to do something.

He will also change his plans to favour you where needed.

He throws in the ‘us’ word to replace ‘I’.

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