Constable involved in the theft of ksh 72 million

It’s been days since some Kenyans were arrested in connection to the theft of Ksh 72 million at Standard Chartered bank’s Nairobi West branch.

KOT were quick to label the robbery as #MoneyHeist Season four before the robbers were apprehended.

Among those arrested were Constables Chris Ayienda and Vincent Owour in Kisii and Kendu Bay.

Below are some of the silly mistakes they made that got them arrested.

  1. No 1 mistake they did was to carry their phones to the crime scene

Phones can easily be traced hence carrying their phones to the crime scene was their biggest undoing.

2. They rented a car from a fellow police officer

Mistake number two was renting a car from their colleague, there are many rental cars available which would have taken time to trace.

They, however, chose the easiest route that got them in trouble.

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3. They communicated a lot after the crime

You have probably watched the series #MoneyHeist a series that involves a group robbing a bank.

Well by watching that you know that keeping in constant communication is a VERY bad idea.

This is because the authorities will keep tabs on you and that is what happened in the #NairobiWestHeist.

4. They involved too many people

Imagine how hard it is to keep a secret on who your girlfriend is dating? It is hard.

Well, imagine how easy it was for people involved in the robbery to talk once apprehended.

If the people involved were few maybe keeping the secret would have been easier.

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5. Large amounts of cash have tracking devices

The tracking devices sold them out.

6. G4S personnel reported the matter long after the thieves had gone

Had they reported the incident immediately it wouldn’t have looked so suspicious. Reporting hours later made one wonder what they were doing in the hours between.

8. Keeping large sums with them

Who does that? The detectives recovered Sh3 million from Constable Owuor’s house in Kendu Bay, while Sh4 million was recovered from Constable Ayienda in Kisii.

Logic shows that by the time you are doing your planning one the things to consider is how to safely store the cash.

The group above did not consider that, maybe they wanted kuchafua Meza which ended badly for them.

Even though robbery is not something to be proud of, we must commend them for their guts.

Imagine stealing 72 million with no bloodshed? If you were involved what would you have done differently?

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