Lilian Muli

Top of the morning to you and yours. I have some sure fire for you this cold morning. A morning that serves as further proof of potent black magic afoot; how else do you explain this weather we are experiencing?

#1. Lilian Muli

KILIMANI MUMS HAPAN TAMBUA SUPER STARS! Scathing Comments About Lilian Muli’s Meltdown Emerge Online

After Citizen TV’s new anchor was filmed having a meltdown in a restaurant, the online brigade of Kilimani Mums has come out to give their opinion on the shocking incident.

#2. Mama Baha

MAAJABU! Despite Earning Millions Here’s The SIMPLE Car Machachari’s Mama Baha Drives (PHOTO)

Wanjiku Mburu – popularly known as Mama Baha in Citizen TV’s drama Machachari – is one of the most respected local actresses in Kenya.


KUREMBEKA NAYO! Here Is Kalonzo Musyoka’s HOT Daughter Who Is Driving Men Wild (PHOTOS)

Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka loves to keep his family away from the public eye. So private is he that very few people know how his children look like in spite of the fact that he has been in politics for more than two decades.


Peter Munya’s Wife Is Making Team Mafisi Salivate Like Crazy. Mtoto Anatesa Kutesa (Photo Gallery)

Her constituents refer to her as Mama Country or Beautiful First Lady. And staying true to the title, Phoebe Munya – Governor Peter Munya’s wife – is a stunning and lovely woman, and based on her county project she is also a woman with a heart of gold.

#5. khaligraph_Octopizzo

The House Khaligraph Jones Is Building Will Amaze you! Huyu Kijana Sio Mchache! (PHOTOS)

Khaligraph Jones is one of the hottest artists around and he knows he is on a rare run of for so he has been releasing hot jam after hot jam.

#6. Timmy T Dat

Timmy Tdat, Kenya’s Hottest Star At The Moment Posts After Sex Video

I love a celebrity who doesn’t shy away from getting a little risque. And Timmy Tdat, Kenya’s biggest star of the moment is doing exactly that. He has just posted a video on social media that features him naked but for a towel and a naked female companion (maybe a chipo?) clad in nothing but a bathrobe.

#7. shaffie-weru

Shaffie Weru Loses His Gun And Drama Ensues!

Shaffie Weru is one of the most famous Kenyan celebrities we have around and with good reason. He is legitimately what one can call a radio king. And his high flying lifestyle does nothing in way of convincing us any differently.