The good thing about power is that when you do normal sh!t, it’s considered to be endearing and out of the norm.

It’s like once you become powerful, you stop being a human being and doing kawaida things like walking, eating and even laughing suddenly become outlandish.

Deputy President William Ruto has tried so many times to let y’all know he’s just a normal guy like you and me, but Kenyans don’t just get it.

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Below are 7 times the DP really tried to show Kenyans he is a hustler, for real.

1.When he paid Ksh1,000 for mahindi choma. 


2. When he stopped whatever he was doing to greet this young girl. 


3. That drink must have been good. Even the kid in the background noticed. 




4. When he had ‘nyama choma and kachumbari’ with this guy, although you can tell he wasn’t enjoying his vibe. 


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5. When he went with Jaguar to the slums.



6. Despite owning a 4-Star Hotel, our humble DP opted to have this sumptuous meal – kuku chemsha – at a kibanda. 

William_Ruto William_Ruto William_Ruto


7. Then there’s this guy who had no idea whatsoever who William Ruto was; 

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