Uncle Chim Tuna is back like a rash that never left! Perhaps I shouldn’t start us off with some statement that has loose sexual innuendos -of the morbid kind. But whatever the case might be, it’s Furahiday! So we can cut loose and get alittle crazy!

I found myself talking to my colleagues about which sexy female Kenyan celebrities would be a fun lay and everyone had their own pick and reasons behind their choice. And so we were able to compile a list of the selected 7 sexy female celebrities who we believe would make an excellent lay. And here is a disclaimer, if you feel this is in bad taste, Mpasho hapana ya mama yako bwana!

#7. Yvonne Chege former Live On Blast Hostess

She once famously quipped that she missed the feel of sand in her guava… Interesting. Very interesting indeed!

That had my colleague Chege wondering just what she can get up to… Chege’s mind is a-wandering… Whether it is indeed heavy duty…

#6. Matasia Star a.k.a Jackiwa


The way she dances here in the video, she looks like she is wild and crazy. Or nah?

Or nah?