Have you ever wondered why your ugly friend also gets women throwing themselves at him? Although it’s mostly because of their money, according to a survey, women are usually so attracted to men with these 10 jobs. 

1. Engineer

There is nothing sexier than a man who designs, creates, innovates, and explores for a living. Um, hello? Engineers created the rovers that landed on Mars. Do you want to go to Mars? Date an engineer!

Okay, okay, it probably doesn’t work like that. But hey, he’ll always be able to fix your computer, phone, and tablet.

2. Architect

Put simply, architects design buildings and they’re pretty much better at math than you could ever hope or wish to be. So what makes architects so sexy? Again, it’s the brain usage women love to see. A male architect means that not only is he creative and stylish, but he is also completely committed to his project.

3. Marketer

With their jobs literally involving finding ways to attract people to their product, it’s no wonder marketers are in with the ladies! Not to mention with the rise of online marketing, there has literally never been a better time to work in some form of PR organisation!

While you definitely won’t be bumping shoes with Don Draper in this decade, you’re sure to make a pretty penny.

4. Financial Advisor

Financial planners are little helpers, aren’t they? The literal job of financial planners is to help people decide what they want from life, and then go after it. Well, in a nutshell, that’s what they do.

5. Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers buy up land, and then create real estate deals to fill the said land with pretty buildings! This job involves plenty of creativity, control, and development. All things ladies like in a man.

6. Doctor

Alright, finally this list is starting to make some sense. Doctors are sexy because they help people, they are literally trained to have good bedside manners *Read: Charming!* and make a fantastic living while at it.

7. CEO

Above doctor and lawyer, the number one sexiest job that impresses women came in at a CEO. Why? Undeniably, it all comes back to the sexy quality that comes from a man in power who wears a suit. Plus, there is something especially sexy about an entrepreneur who is so passionate about his job that he went and conquered a company.

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