There has been a mad samosa innovation in Nairobi this Njaanuary, in fact it is rumored that there will be a Nairobi Samosa week happening soon.

What will be some of the samosas we want to see on show?

  1. Avocado samosa. Yes, for all the samosas we have seen, why hasn’t someone invented this one yet?
  2. Ugali samosa. The ultimate delicacy to serve at a luhya wedding accompanied with tea
  3. Sukuma wiki samosas. Okay, I am tired of seeing the same old cabbage samosas at meetings. Hakuna ya sukuma?
  4. Fish samosas. There is chicken and meat Samosa, why not fish? Can I get an omera?
  5. Sweet potato/Nduma samosa. This will be a breakfast hit in the traditional homestead or among the older generation
  6. KDF Samosa. KDF is those small mandazis for 5 bob and yes they have a great taste with office tea. Imagine combining two great forces to create one epic product?
  7. Chapati Samosa. This will be for Christmas