Luhya woman

Being in a relationship is a great thing. But it only matters who you’re with. Well, according to a sampled group opinion, Luhya women make the best wives and girlfriends compared to other Kenyan tribes.

‘A Kikuyu Woman Will Treat You Like A King As Long As You Have Cash…Plain Truth About Kenyan Women

The beauties from western Kenya always beat their counterparts from Nyanza, Central and even Eastern 10 nil when it comes to treating their men. From cooking the best meals, being loyal and hardworking, they indeed top the list of Kenyan tribes with the best women.

Below are the seven reasons why Luhya women make the best wives and girlfriends

  1. Best cooks

Luhya women are without a doubt the best cooks. They know how to prepare any food and never will you find mashakura in their kitchen. If you marry a Luhya woman, be guaranteed you will never sleep on an empty stomach.

2. Always clean

Unlike other women who are known to be ambassadors of dirtiness, Luhya women are the cleanest. Their houses are always clean and rarely will you find dust or flies hovering around her house. That’s why many of them make good house helps and mama kufua.

3. Hardworking

Women from Mulembe nation are known to be hardworking compared to their counterparts from Nyanza, Central and other parts of Kenya. A Luhya woman will prefer to stay in shags and do farming or any other business than stay in the city. Unlike other women who party from Monday to Monday and apply heavy layers of makeup, Luhya women are simple. Dear men, buy her land somewhere far away from the city and see how she will transform it into millions.

4. Loyal

She will never cheat on you. Even if you go abroad for studies or work for over a decade, she will still wait for you.

Luhya women value relationships so much and rarely will they cheat. they know men are rare to find and when she gets one, she will be loyal to him. But woe unto you if you are a player. She will show you that she is a coach when it comes to the cheating game.

5. Beautiful

From the chest to the waist to the sitting apparatus down to the mazigwembe, Luhya women have the greatest figure. You will rarely find a Luhya woman who is shapeless with ‘yana tyres’ around her waist. Most men love well-endowed women. By the way, did you know that the most beautiful and heavily endowed socialite in Africa, Vera Sidika, is Luhya?

Vera Sidika

6. Low maintenance

Nafula or Nekesa will prefer to stay in the village or somewhere in Kawangware instead of staying in Runda, Kilimani or Westlands. She lives beyond today, unlike Luo women who live as if the world is ending today.

A Luhya woman would rather stay at home and drink numerous cups of tea than have you take her for an expensive dinner. Also, she would rather stay in the house the whole night watching Afrocinema than go out and choke on some cocktails. Dear men, when it comes to marriage, choose wisely!


7. And of course sex

Luhya women are said to be bedroom bullies and once you get one, you’ll never leave her. They are always on the top of the game.

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