This year I begun paying school fees. I cried when the mother of my children brought me the fee structures of the school she felt my son, aptly named Chim should be attending.

kenyan crying lol

Now I can understand why my mother kicked me out of the house when I dropped out of university. But que sera, sera.
However, all this got me thinking about a list I had done two years ago about the cost of educating children in some of Kenya’s most expensive schools. You know the type; the children speak with an accent (a cross between Kenyan/American or Kenyan/British). The ones where half the children are from expatriate families and they belong to polo leagues that span the entire continent.

These Are The 7 Most Expensive Schools In Kenya! (School Fees Per Term Can Buy You A New Car)

So I decided to revisit the list if only to make myself feel better about my situation. And so i have compiled a list of the 7 most expensive schools in Kenya -and trust me when I say “Your mind will be blown away”.

Halafu mtoto aende shule kueneza ujinga yake! Matiangi ampetumbili yako D!

uhuru-kenyatta-kenya-1159866-jpg_1031809 lol


Please note that the fees quoted above is per term of the schools’ calendar year.