There are some certain parts of the city that are a given when insecurity is mentioned. Most people would think wholesale sections of Eastlands are unsafe but having been to Nyayo Estate I must say this would be a false notion. 

Actually, in reality, there are areas of uptown that are savage! Such areas are savage simply because thieves have decided that they are easy picking and this is a true problem indeed! The areas I have highlighted are savage because of the levels of crime that go on there.

Be it incidences of rape or carjackings, be they incidences of petty crime and mugging, these are the 7 most dangerous areas in Nairobi.


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8. South C/ South B (carjacking)

The by-pass has done wonders for criminal activity in the South C vicinity and it’s not even funny! Some areas are incomplete and poorly lit so when you slow down, gangsters make you french kiss gun barrels! Also, a recently published police study highlighted City Cotton, between Wilson Airport and South C: The area has high incidences of murder and mugging.

7. Westlands

The amounts of carjacking that goes on around Westlands is mind numbing! The thugs often dump their victims in the very recesses of Eastlands and Ruaka which goes to show that they hail from these areas seeing as they are comfortable enough to see this as their escape route.

6. Kileleshwa

This place! There was a time this place was hell! I remember my woman constantly scaring the very daylights out of me telling me about her neighbours who were carjacked as they waited for the gates to their apartments to be opened.

5. Kawangware (Naivasha Rd)

What did you expect? This slum closely edged Kibera off the list. Why? Because even police officers are wary of Congo area, near Kawangware. Why? Well due to the drug trafficking, rape and mugging that are rampant in the area.

4. Githurai

This area is just a mess! Probably because of it’s ignominous status as being neither Eastlands and yet still part of Eastlands. It is around some of the worst affected thanks to it’s neighbour Mathare. Incidentally, Mathare will not make it to this list but will be on the lists of vichinjio.

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3. Kayole

Hearing guys shoot their guns is the norm. I have a cousin who lives here… Brave lad! I have never understood why he does so but who am I to complain? His tales often consist of gun shots and thugs. From what he tells me, rapes, muggings and carjacking are just another facet of life.

2. Dandora

Really? Do I have to explain this one? Really? Gang rapes? Armed gangs of juvenile delinquents strung so far up off cheap drugs and shoe gum their reality is a scary nightmare? A dumpsite that only the poorest and most desperate make a living off not to mention live in?

1. Kariobangi North

This is where guns check into Nairobi through! The entire area has an illegal small firearms epidemic with the “football” players who never really do play for any known teams forming a ready army of grunts looking to go and invade Westlands and Kileleshwa!