2015 is a year that is barely even half way done but has thrown so many twists and turns our way you would think it is competing with life itself. The topsy turvy nature of the year notwithstanding, we have had quite some memorable events and progressions in the world of entertainment.

And one of those strides was made in the fashion arena. Gone are the days when Kenyan celebrities would turn up on the scene looking like something a cow regurgitated! Now we have fashion killas on the scene, a sign that the entertainment industry is maturing.

And to that end I have compiled a list of the most fashionable Kenyan celebrities but feel free to comment if you feel i have omitted anyone (fat chance of that happening though).

And the most stylish Kenyan celebrities are:

#7. Bahati

#6. STL


#5. Willy Paul

#4. Huddah Monroe


#3. Grace Msalame

#2. Sauti Sol