Bouncer, or if you like door supervisors, are good people because they provide security for us. But sometimes these guys can be a**holes.

I understand that they stay up all night looking after drunk people which is annoying.

There are few who are just troublesome. They just don’t like their job and they don’t give a sh*t.

Here are some of the most annoying habits club bouncers have;

1. Asking for money – You walk into the club and the bouncer is like “leo unaniwachia nini?”. 15 minutes later “leta mia mbili hapo”. If you ignore him he’ll be on your case till morning and if you leave without giving him something, the next time you won’t be allowed in.


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2. Moods – Don’t stand at the door if you know you have a bad mood because a chokora snatched your phone in the matatu. Sometimes you don’t have the entrance fee, or you’re past the required age and still, this guy won’t let you in for no reason at all.


3. They Favor Girls – Yes, this is true. Warning gentlemen, don’t ever get into a fight or a quarrel with a lass at the club, not even your girlfriend because you’re the one who will be thrown out of the club.


4. Bullying – Have you ever been carried out of the club by bouncers? You should definitely experience this to know how these guys handle people sometimes. And if they notice you’re weak, they will harass you properly.


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5. Highly Tempered – Some of them have high tempers, you should never mess with this type of bouncers. Sometimes it’s the alcohol in you that’s talking, you argue with them once and they beat you up thoroughly.


6. Can’t Listen – Some bouncers can’t listen for sh*t! You’re invited to an event as a guest, you arrive at the venue and the bouncer is like “hakuna jina kama hiyo hapa“. You ask the guy to let you talk to the organiser or whoever was supposed to sort you out, but he won’t listen to that, instead, he tells you to move far away from the entrance. “Boss unaleta jam hapa“.


7. They Never Forget  You didn’t give this guy money or maybe you did something wrong several months or years ago, he will never forget. So it’s either you give him more money or you get the hell out of his sight.



Which are some of the most annoying habits of Kenyan club bouncers that you know? Let us know in the comment section below.

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