In a world where most men and women are driven by lust, it is best to stop fighting to change the world and join them. If you’re of the delusion that Mr. or Mrs. Right is on the way for you, then you’re wrong. Just quit that already. That’s what friends with benefits (FWB) are for. They are life savers. You need to take advantage of their existence. Let me give you 7 of these benefits:

1. Rental obligations


Let’s say you want to live in a moderately flashy apartment but you’re low on income. Friends with benefits come in handy in this particular scenario. You’ll be able to channel your other pennies towards more groceries or new pants every month. Whoa. I’d say just uptake this before the zombie apocalypse sets in because we all want to enjoy the short life while it lasts.

2. Sex


Nothing is as good as sex with a friend with benefit. It’ll not come with an after thought, like, ‘hey, you know I saw these new shoes at the shop and was wondering if we can go get them tomorrow.’ Naaah…once you’re done, you’re done.

3. Chores


Do not be lazy FWB yourself. If you cook dinner, let the other party pay for the joint monthly rent at your landlord’s. If your slash grass on your lawn, make sure that he/she fixes the TV aerial antennae. Without an FWB, you’ll simply turn into a zombie due to exhaustion.

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