​1. ​Aeroplane house (Boeing 727)

When this Oregon guy got tired of living in apartments, he went ahead and took a whole plane and changed into a home. It has now turned out to be a terrific house strategically positioned in the woods, perfectly spacious and worth living in. Bruce Campbell is such a lucky man.​

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​​2. ​Flinstones-inspired house (Malibu)

Malibu is one of the most fun places to live in on this planet. The house is set in a well-lit space, besides the ocean. The living rooms are spectacular and artsy. The bedroom seems to be a heaven on earth. Above all, best air circulation to keep you away from stupor when you get high on booze.

3. ​Upside-down house (Poland)

Perhaps you should have this on your holiday plans for the year. The house was​ completed in 2007. The furnishings and interior decor are also inverted!​

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4. ​Transparent house (Japan)​

Well, this is one of a kind.  Everything that you do, everyone whose outside sees it. I bet there’s a limitation to some extent – how would you make love when everyone from outside sees you?

​5. ​Toilet-shaped house (South Korea)​

Built by the late mayor of Suwon, South Africa the house cost 1.1 million dollars. It was built to mark the meeting of the world toilet association in 2007.​

6. Log​ house (Northern California)​

You can imagine living in a house built out of a log! How cool is that? But more interesting is the fact that the material is 1900 years old. It’s insane!

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