Vera Sidika And Huddah Monroe
Vera Sidika And Huddah Monroe

Vera Sidika and Huddah are well-known socialites across the globe. Both of them have a huge following and somehow, they are like trendsetters in this industry.

Just like the antagonists in the River Between; Makuyu and Kameno, that is how Vera and Huddah operate.

Both of them have ardent fans and vicious haters i.e #TeamHuddah and #TeamSidika.

Well, being a celebrity is not easy. You always have to be on top of the latest trending fashion, behave like a lady in public or else you will be caught out on camera by paparazzi.

Many have always debated on who between Vera and Huddah is the best but it seems none of the two camps is yet to agree on who is the queen.

Are you team Huddah or Sidika?

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Below is a compilation of 6 times the two socialites who run this industry copied each other.

  1. Buying Range Rover

Both socialites cruise around in Range Rovers. Vera Sidika’s range is white in colour while Huddah’s is a customized pink. The big girls are giving their counterparts a run for their money.



2. Plastic Surgery

Sidika became famous after spending millions on skin lightening. She further went ahead to have a boob job and so did Huddah. Compare Huddah’s past and recent pics. She also admitted to having undergone a boob job recently

huddah titties

vera sidika

3. Showing off their baes

For the first time in history, they finally unveiled their baes. Vera Sidika was in Dubai for the better part of last month and this is when she introduced her Nigerian tycoon boyfriend online.

vera sidika boyfriend

After Sidika, Huddah also took to social media to show us the man who enjoys her warmth but a few weeks later, she dumped him.

Huddah and her new boy toy

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4. Travelling/Hosting events

We have seen Vera Sidika start the trend. She was the first-ever Kenyan socialite to start hosting events both locally and internationally and nowadays every socialite is doing it. But Huddah is the only one giving her a run for their money.

Vera Sidika And Huddah Monroe

5. Herbal tea

It seems Vera leads and others follow. She recently introduced her new product herbal tea in the market. Barely a week, Huddah also took to social media to claim that she was the one with the idea and hers has been there for quite a while. HMMM!


6. Taking photos with Nigerian actor Mike Ezuronye

Vera was featured in a Nigerian video dubbed Ebaeno alongside the celebrated African actor Mike Ezuronye and when he came to the country, Huddah took photos with him too. Huddah is featured in a yet to be released movie with Mike that also stars former Miss Kenya Juliet Achieng.


huddah and Mike