Kenyan Parents Ccare

Schools were closed a month ago. For the first time in Kenyan history, this the longest holiday we’ve ever head in the education sector. Children are giving their parents sleepless nights. Teenagers are allover, idling, engaging in sexual activities and drinking alcohol. Has the Education CS failed on his job for sending students and pupils home for more than 8 weeks?

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Dear parents, here are the 6 things you should do to ensure that your children don’t misbehave during this long December holidays

  1. Take them to tuition

There’s nothing like relaxing.Take them for tuition so that come next term, them will improve their grades. Remember education has no end.

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2. Volunteer work

Let them participate in volunteer work. Whether it is in church, estate or anywhere else, let them learn such things when they are still young.

3. Give them less money

Dear parents, do not spoil your children with money. If you really have to give them some, make them work for the money. Be it washing your cars, doing household chores let them work them give them a few pennies.


4. Take them to driving school

For those with children above 18 years old, take them to driving school instead of them idling around. Let them use every opportunity to atleast learn something new.

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5. Censor TV channels

This is the time most of these kids are active and energetic. They will watch anything aired on TV. Some will go to an extent of watching pornography and it is good for parents to censor TV channels especially when they leave the house.


6. Restrict them form bad pals

Find out who they hang out with, talk to and what they do whenever you aren’t around. This is the perfect time for parents to bond with their children.