Most Kenyans have some uncouth social media habits. Unfortunately, some of us do these things without knowing how annoying they can be to other people.

We asked our fans to tell us some of the things many Kenyans do on social media that are extremely bothersome.

Kenyans and Double Standards. Which of These Annoying Ones Can You Relate With?

If you’re one of those people who do some of the things mentioned below, you need to stop like today.

1. Sending Friend Request To Random People – Like seriously, if we’ve never even met and I don’t know you at all, why the hell would you want us to be friends on social media? You never know who you might be accepting as a friend.

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2. Tagging Me On A Picture I’m Not In – This is one of those things that piss me off terribly. Even if you’re trying to market you product or whatever it is, please don’t just go tagging everyone on Instagram and Facebook.

3. Inviting Anyone To Play Games – Someone was recently stabbed by his friend for sending too many candy crush requests. Play your game alone or you may just end up in a hospital.

4. Adding People To A group By Force – “You have been added to Ghetto is Home Group” I guess I’m not the only one who gets such notifications. Even if you’re my friend and you want to add me to a group, just let me know about it first.

5. Sending Messages To Strangers – Girls actually get this a lot. “Xaxa Xwity”, Hey What’s up” and all those irritating messages from thirsty lads of Facebook.

6. Using Someone’s Photo As Your Profile Picture – In most cases, the people who do this are usually professional stalkers or just people who have a serious low self-esteem problem.