Bridget Aachieng

Bridget Achieng has brought us entertainment from the minute she stepped into Nairobi D. She joined the “A team” with Risper and Pendo aka The Ghetto Princess.

A chat between her and an unknown guy leaked as he tried negotiating a price for baby Bridget’s nunu. He asked her what price would she charge for the action and she boldly told him 50 thousand.

Is This The Man Enjoying Bridget Achieng’s Nunu? (PHOTOS)

From the conversation, she was sure that he cannot afford her services and so any form of negotiation was invalid!

She assured him that he would get action that would make him feel relaxed like never before and that it will be their dirty little secret and in case he wants more ‘action’ he can always come back for more.

Money was the biggest issue for him as the price was too much for him because he said that they are both enjoying it.

With all his negotiation skills, she asked for the price he would give and he said 200USD but she still stuck to her 50 thousand mark! I mean this is a business to her.

See photos of leaked conversation: