Papa Dennis

Papa Dennis is one of the gospel artists who has risen from some serious rags to clearly even more serious riches.

Papa Dennis

He had been aligned to controversial stories on how he has made his money in such a short time yet its quite a lot of money compared to artists who have been in the game for a pretty long time.

Tumia Pesa Ikuzoee! Popular Gospel Singer Flaunts Millions Of Cash Leaving Kenyans Begging For Some (VIDEO)

In an interview with Radio Citizen, he claimed that his hard earned money is through his performances on stage.

Papa dennis

He said in his last stage performance he earned a whopping 2 million which was in recently in South Africa.

Papa Dennis Releases Another Expensive Video

He opened up saying he has three accounts where he manages his money and people should not be surprised as he is just like any other artist such as Davido¬†who is worth billions. Of course, this has raised eyebrows to beg the question “Is his statement just for the sake of fame or is he actually worth so many millions?”

Papa Dennis