50 cent

It would be hypocritical of me to say that I do not understand why 50 Cent is frustrated. Imagine paying child support to the tune of 1.3 million dollars ( roughly 130 million shillings) over the years to afford your son a lifestyle you never had only for them to refuse to show gratitude.

But if we are looking at things from Fif’s side, we should also look at his ex’ perspective. Imagine siring a child with a man who you supported while he was broke and when he got money, he left you feeling slighted and the attention and care he gave to your son you feel wasn’t the best.

Whatever the case may be, the king of pettiness fired some choice salvos at his son and baby mama:

Well, actually, it all started when Fif said he wouldnae shed a tear if his son died:

And his baby mums wasn’t going to take the disrespect lying down. She immediately fired a choice salvo of her own:

Not one to miss an opportunity to be petty, Fif fired one right back:

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#50Cent is starting back up early 😫👀

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And if you thought Miss Shaniqua Tompkins was done, you would be wrong. She pulled back with an even messier post:

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Oop! #50Cent’s baby’s mother responds 👀

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Here is a photo of back when times were simpler and the father-son duo saw eye-to-eye: