Socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika was absolutely trending after she revealed personal information about her relationship with her abusive ex-boyfriend who resides in Dubai.

She trended again after she broke it off with Otile Brown and later with her Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa.

That doesn’t mean she did not deal with her heartache all three times.

She did.



However, due to the fact that Vera is a celebrity, the news that she was in a physically and verbally abusive type of relationship made headlines and shade light into what one needs to do to avoid getting entangled in such situations.

No condition is permanent and anyone can save themselves from toxic relationships.

‘Me Too, I Have Being In An Abusive Relationship,’ Kenyan Women Narrate Their Sad Tales After Vera Sidika Exposed Her Abusive Ex

You can still get your groove back after a heartbreak. Here are tips on how to get over a bad break-up;

Take a vacation

Most of us dream to travel more  so why not take that trip to Mombasa or Dubai and forget about the person who broke your heart.

Vera Sidika

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Go shopping

If you are a shopping maniac this may come in handy. You can re-organize your wardrobe from head to toe or try new fashion trends.

vera sidika

Take sexy pics

There is nothing that gets on your ex’s nerve than posting sexy pics of yourself especially if he was the cause of the breakup. Besides, you will also be creating a market for team mafisi who have been craving for a chance.


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Refocus all your energy on your hustle

In case your luck at love didn’t go well you can now focus on making money and your goals. Relationships normally require both parties to compromise once in a while hence you might be putting your partner first instead of your aspirations. Go to the gym to work off most of that negative energy.

Vera Sidika

Do whatever makes you happy

If you stopped clubbing because you were someone’s bae when you are single is the best time to turn up and have a good time. You might end up meeting potential boyfriends.

Vera Sidika In Dar es Salaam

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