To survive in Nairobi, you have to be street smart. And this is the kind of knowledge you don’t get in school; you learn from those who have experienced it, and that’s why we have Mr. Chege Miati on our team.

After the Mpasho investigative on Nairobi commercial sex workers (check out the story below), our social media guru Chege decided to go back to the streets and brothels to enjoy himself, but at least he experienced something and decided to share with us.

Mpasho Investigates Part 3: “Nafanya Umalaya Juu Sina Pesa ya Kuanza Biashara!” Prositutes Confesses

5. They Are Cheap – This is definitely good news for my brothers who cannot pick up women from the club or afford to visit high-end brothels. Nairobi CBD prostitutes are really cheap. You just need Ksh.100 and you’re sorted.

4. They Are Violent –  Let’s say you genuinely knew that you had enough cash, but after you’re done with the business, you realize you’ve only got 30 bob on you. See what happened to this mzungu in the video below.

3. They Are Illiterate – Do not show the CBD prostitutes how learned you are, they don’t care. And if you don’t know how to speak in sheng or Swahili, you’d better be accompanied by a friend who can.

2. Most Of Them Are Crooks – They are the kind of women who steal from you then beat you up. Many people have been robbed and even killed in some of these dingy lodges in Nairobi. If you REALLY have to go, be careful.

1. If You’re Not Looking For Them, Avoid Areas Where They Are – If you have no business around the streets they are usually found, just use another. Because you might not like what you may see, more so if you’re a religious person or maybe you have a kid on board.

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