Alvin Kabogo

Who are the rich kids, is everyone who drives an expensive car a rich kid?

Well, here are the 5 things you should definitely know about the real Kenyan rich kids.

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1. Not everyone is a rich kid.

Even though many people nowadays are trying to be associated with them, the fact is; not everyone is actually a rich kid. Some of these people who show up in Westland with borrowed/hired cars are just there for the attention.

  1. Don’t want to be noticed

Rich kids are not after that cheap attention. Last night at a popular joint in Westlands, relatives to a powerful Kenyan politician showed up and they tried as much as possible not be noticed, they didn’t even try to get into the VIP area.

  1. Most of their friends are white

Sometimes, the only black friends they have are relatives, classmates and other Kenyan rich kid. They don’t go to Mombasa for a holiday. You’ll see them cruising on a multimillion-dollar yacht in Spain and partying in Vegas with friends.

  1. Almost incognito on social media

Except Kabogo jnr, most of these rich kids use funny usernames on social media. This is to make sure that they don’t have those poor stalkers from Kariobangi. Only those who know them personally know their handles, something like; @7huhgbfwu.

5. Most of them come from a rich background

Some of their parents are/were politicians, powerful civil servants or successful businessmen.

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