Heels crazy

Women are precious gifts from God. They are our pillars hence deserve all the respect in the world. But, there are some things they do in public that leave us pissed off. They are not just annoying but pretty disgusting! Well, below is a list of things that Kenyan women do that embarrass them in public, go through.

5 Things Kenyan Men Do That Embarrass Them In Public

1. Wearing smelly weaves

Kenyan ladies love cheap things. They flock downtown Nairobi, especially River Road just to get the competitive designs and fit in the current trendy fashion industry, but some of them overstay with them. Why would you stay with a weave on your head for more than nine months? Kenyan women should style up and maintain hygiene, as soon, El Nino will be starting. We don’t want to be choked by your smelly weaves especially after being rained on.

Horrible weave