Kenyan Men

Dear Kenyan men, we love you so much. You are the breadwinners in our families(that is those of you who actually work and bring home the income) and the pillars but there are certain things you do in public that drive us nuts!  They are not just annoying but pretty disgusting! Well, below is a list of things that Kenyan men do that embarrass them in public, go through

1. Scratching their genitals in public

This is a common habit among Kenyan men,. Although not all do this but atleast 60% of Kenyan men are victims. It’s always annoying to sit next to a man whether at a public gathering or in a PSV then he puts a hand in his pants just to scratch his genitals. Meen!!! What are you trying to teach your sons?


2. Picking their noses then eating their mucus

Why would an adult do this? For toddlers it is understandable but for a grown up man this shows how idle you are! I cannot be friends with such men! It’s so disgusting to see someone’s hubby or father pick his nose then eat the mucus, are you a small child? Kenyan men please style up! You embarrass your families in public.