After sharing with you the list of top 5 senior bachelors in Kenya, today we’ve decided to help the 54 year old CBK governor nominee Patrick Njoroge to find a wife, by compiling a list of 5 spinsters who would be suitable for him.

Forget The CBK Governor Who’s Single at 54, Here Are 5 Other Senior Bachelors in Kenya

1. Caroline Mutoko – The former radio queen is smart, mature, and a role model to many. That combination would be very powerful to say the least.


2. Sheila Mwanyigah – Wouldn’t they make a cute couple?

3. Vera Sidika – Uncle Chim told me that she’s apparently business-minded and loves travelling. I’m sure with the governor’s money we can expect a Vera Sidika Bank and several pictures of trips across the word.

4. Connie Aluoch – She’s from a powerful family and is one of Kenya’s top stylists. She would definitely make the governor look good.


5. Mercy Cherono – The long-distance runner can definitely help Mr.Governor keep fit. Then after he retires, they can run away together to some far land and own assets there.