Girl Love

They say love makes us do crazy things. It’s a silly excuse but it is perfect for explaining the silly things people do when they think they are in love. Here are just a few things that women do when they have convinced themselves that they are in love.

1. Do Drugs.

Drugs Girl

Tanzanian singer Ray C confessed that she was introduced to hard drugs by a boyfriend she dated in the past. She is not alone. Some women take up such bad habits because they do not want their boyfriend to think they are not ‘cool’ or that they are uptight. The truth about relationships is that some women are so blinded by ‘love’, they do not see past the relationship. They would do anything for the boyfriend including doing an illegal drug that would not only land them in jail but also wreck havoc on their health.

2. Diss Their Parents.

Girl Disrespect

In the heat of their love and the cloudy haze of lust, the boyfriend is their heaven, their angel. He can do no wrong. If the parents say anything wrong about the boyfriend or fail to support the relationship, it is very likely that the girl will insult the parents and leave them for the boyfriend. Then, should the boyfriend turn into a dead beat guy, the woman crawls back to her parents, licking her wounds, her tail tucked safely between her legs.