Since everybody is going digital, owning a YouTube channel will only increase advantages on your side. The following reasons should be a reason to consider.

Make Money

Aren’t we all looking for money?

The right amount of views could see you receive a cheque every month.

Since everybody is going the digital way, with great content you would attract a lot of people who would appreciate your content and result in a handsome cheque

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Become A Creator (Not just a consumer)

Many people have the gift to create great things.

The ideas you are holding on to would actually be beneficial if you shared them with the rest of the world.

Becoming a creator rather than just consuming will increase the amount of content being produced. Start!

Express your Creativity

Art is one of the things that cannot be limited.

Unleash your creative side through a YouTube channel and get to set your own rules.

Create out of passion and let your audience find you.

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Personal Growth

During content creation, you are definitely going to learn in the process.

Personal development as well as sharpening your skills will also come as an added advantage.

You’ll also get to compare the best stories and come up with great content.

Build a Portfolio

For creatives, this will come as an added advantage since it could be added to your resume in your next job.

Your next boss will have a place to refer to everything you may have created.

Personal branding may help you in a job situation

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