There are a million reasons to bank on the biggest African online movie and series library with over 20,000 movies, series episodes and more. I would rather binge watch on Showmax any day.

When Showmax was launched in Kenya in October 2016, I did not have an idea what it was. Everyday, while on my way to work, I would see a beautiful billboard with the sexy Showmax logo, a few show posters and catchy wordings along Waiyaki Way. Then I decided to give it a and the rest was history!

I discovered that Showmax is an internet TV service that gives you instant access to thousands of TV shows, movies and kids shows on your phone, tablet, smart TV and laptop. No commercials, no long contracts and so much to binge watch!

Showmax has some extra benefits compared to other internet services in Kenya, including some of the best international shows – like Game of Thrones, Billions and Grey’s Anatomy plus classics like Friends – and some other surprises too:

1. Localized Content

There’s nothing as special as watching your favorite local show while wearing your earphones in a Matatu; you’re literally locked out of this world, having the best time of your life. After that, you go to Uhuru park to chill while enjoying Naswa. After that you can go home and enjoy watching Nice Githinji in Tumaini Senta or Nick Mutuma in This Is It. This goes on and on and on… browse what’s on Showmax to see for yourself

2. M-Pesa payment option

With Showmax, you won’t have to worry about how you’ll pay. They’ve made it easy for Kenyans because M-Pesa is at the tip of your fingers.

Just pay your monthly subscription fee (330Ksh for Select or 880Ksh for Premium) and binge watch you favorite local and international shows.

To pay:

  • Go to the M-Pesa Menu on your phone
  • Select Lipa Na M-Pesa
  • Select PayBill
  • Enter Business Number – 852552
  • Enter account Number – Phone number that you added to your account in instruction number 2.
  • Input your pin to complete the transaction.

Note: You have to pay with the number that you added to your account. There’s also a special on where you get one month free for every three months you buy with M-Pesa- check it out!

3. You can download to watch later

You can download as many as 25 series or movies on your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet to watch later using the Showmax app.

Depending on your subscription package (Showmax Select or Showmax Premium), you can access over 8 500 – 20 000 movies and episodes. Once you have downloaded the series or episodes, you can watch at your own convenience without using data.

4. You can watch across different devices

For the Showmax Select package, you can binge watch on phones, tablets and computers, Chromecast and Airplay whereas with the Premium package, you get a wider range of device allowance. This includes Smart TVs, Apple TVs, phones, computers, Chromecast, Big Box and Airplay.

The choice is yours!

5. The pricing advantage

With Showmax, you can get an amazing package for as low as Ksh330. You get a lot of value for you can watch local and regional shows whenever you get tired of watching the international ones. You do not need to be watching TV in your sitting room for you to enjoy local shows! What an offer!

The Premium package costs Ksh880 per month and this is absolutely affordable considering you can now watch everything on Showmax.

See what I mean?

Wait no more. Get Showmax today and join the thousands of Kenyans enjoying on-demand TV!

About Showmax

ShowMax is an internet TV service that gives you access to thousands of hours of local and international movies and series. There’s something for everyone, from familiar favorites to the best blockbusters. It’s available on multiple devices so you can enjoy the best entertainment at home or on the move.