man drinking

Calm down. I know as a man, you take down a few pints in the evening just to ‘cool off’ and you want to attack me, but chill. I promise I have some good points. Ladies, if you are dating someone who drinks, do yourself a favour and dump them immediately. And if you are single, find yourself a man who doesn’t drink and live happily ever after. Here’s why:

1. The Beer Belly

belly fat

Beer intake leads to the beer belly. You know, that distended stomach that men take pride in and shouldn’t for two main reasons. The first; who wants to be lifting a man’s belly to get to the goodies? The second and more serious reason, a beer belly increases a man’s risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Who wants to be stuck with a sick man who brought these diseases upon himself because he was always guzzling?