5 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Were Doomed From The Start

1. Nicki Minaj is clearly in love with Drake.

First, your girl performs a steamy, lewd dance for the other man. In front of the whole world! Then, she picks his side in the fight? I’m sorry man, she was just biding her time, entertaining herself with you while she waited for Drake.

2. You can’t date a man who makes you feel like the man in the relationship.

When you are making more money than your man and the whole world agrees that you are a better rapper, there is no way you’re going to stick with that guy. I mean even in the pity video you made with him, you’re the one brushing his hair. Truth is, ladies do not like losers. We might telling you, ‘No, Honey, yours is the biggest I have ever seen’ and other things meant to soothe your ego but once a more ‘manly’ man comes around, you can bet on your shallow wallet we’re moving. Chris Brown warned you, these ladies ain’t loyal.

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