The online world went into a frenzy when Kim Kardashian gave birth to her second child yesterday; a baby boy. She took to her website to share an intimate photo of hers holding hands with hubby Kanye West. The former socialite is now leading a successful career as an entrepreneur and TV personality. Her mobile game made her 200 million dollars last year. Damn, that’s a lot of money isn’t it? Considering the fact that Kenyan socialites have been wasting their time on social media, making the public believe that they are leading an exotic lifestyle, this should be a wake-up call for them. Here are some few important tips for them to use:

1. Starting a family is the most important thing in life


Kim Kardashian was witty enough to start a family with Kanye West. She gave him all he wanted, including having sex 500 times a day. She allows him to grab her famous booty anytime anywhere. I doubt Kanye will leave her anytime soon. We know that he left Amber Rose but I don’t feel sorry for him. She is some sought of a psycho. So back to starting family; I look forward to seeing the top Kenyan socialites posting photos of their babies – even though the dads won’t be in the picture. It shows progress in life and it just MIGHT make them more respectable. Until then, I’ll be snorting at their desperate attempts to remain relevant.

2. You do not have to be a hoe all your life


I mean it. Kenyan socialites have been criticized for being bad examples to young girls out there. However, they simply do not give a f*ck. They post extremely racy photos on their social media, most of them being nudies. It is from this kind of publicity that team mafisi order for ‘services.’ Those Dubai trips are not for FREE. The song “Or Nah” perfectly describes their engagements. Hehe. I suggest that they start thinking about their retirement plans or else they’ll end up being poor like the once famous athletes we know of.

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