For a long time many Kenyan musicians have not released new music. All they do is perform decade-old hits at their concert. If they’ve done a lot, it is just being featured in collaborations that don’t really show that they are working hard to better themselves. We know them. Their performances are now saturated and are lackluster.

These are the 5 guys I am talking about:

1. Jua Cali


I went to see him perform sometime last year and I was well, kind of disappointed. He performed “Ngeli Ya Genge,” a song that was released about 8 years ago. He also performed some of his oldies, some which date up to 2004. It wasn’t a bad show – as his songs still rock – but we surely do need fresh content.

2. Pilipili


He is sure one of the finest Kenyan artists we’ve ever had. However, he has slacked and has not released a BIG hit for quite sometime. Media outlets predicted that 2014/2015 would be his breakout year but that did not happen.

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The “Twende Ndani” singer should surprise his fans with something new.

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