Disclaimer: We are not encouraging the following Kenyan gospel artistes to stop praising the lord and join the secular industry. This is just a suggestion.

The secular and gospel industries are both surrounded by controversy, the only thing that distinguishes the two is the name of the Lord.

Some gospel artistes (not the ones on this list) sometimes do songs that don’t have any gospel message in them, but after throwing in a few bible verses and God’s name, it qualifies to be a gospel song.

The following artistes are very talented and I think they can do a lot better as secular artistes, where no one will judge them and they will be free to do anything they like.

They are;

1. Willy Paul – He definitely had to be number one on this list. Controversy and scandal define Willy Paul MSAFI. He’s really dying to be Kenya’s top ‘bongo’ artiste and I think he would do better in the secular industry.

2. Alemba – He even featured on our list of Kenyan artistes who went abroad and their music careers died. Check out the full list below;

10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Went Abroad And Their Music Careers Died

3. Size 8 –   How many want the Shamba Boy, Fire and Vidonge singer back? She was really doing well.