Sexual assault is a form of sexual violence that includes rape (such as forced vaginal, anal or oral penetration or drug facilitated sexual assault), groping, forced kissing, child sexual abuse, or the torture of the person in a sexual manner.

Some of those who have managed to overcome the horrific or near fatal incidents have been brave enough to come out and speak about their experiences, not in search of sympathy, but  to show that there is hope beyond rape and sexual assault. They have spoken out so that others who face the same may be able to overcome the stigma and discrimination that victims of rape face. Testimonies of true survivors of sexual predators out to quench their despicable thirst.

Below are 5 female Kenyan celebrities who fortunately managed to survive the terrible ordeal;

1. Eve D Souza – The popular and undoubtedly one of the most prolific Kenyan radio personalities was carjacked and raped by two men in June 2005. But now she has definitely moved on, and in an interview with with Cate Mukei, she says how it made her even stronger.

I honestly can say it’s made me a stronger and more determined woman, but it showed me first-hand that nothing is put in your path that you’re not strong enough to handle.


2. Shailja Pate

l – The popular Kenyan feminist poet accused fellow poet and Standard Group’s columnist Tony Mochama of sexually assaulting her at an international gathering of poets in Kenya. Mochama however, denied the allegations which was witnessed and confirmed by other poets who were present. (Read the story below)

Mpasho Exclusive: This Is How Tony Mochama Allegedly Sexually Molested Shailja Patel


3. Adelle Onyango – Back in 2012, for the first time the popular radio personality bravely shared her rape story to the public. Adelle says she was raped by a stranger back in 2008 and since then, she came up with an initiative dubbed “Project She” to empower women who have conquered various challenges in their life. Read more about her HERE.

4. Ann Mbaru -The former Kenyan Big Brother Africa contestant was also a victim of sexual assault. Just a few weeks ago, she revealed how she was nearly raped by a taxi driver who fondled her breasts and told her to shut up. (Read the full story HERE)

5. Elizabeth Irungu – Last but definitely not least is the Youth TV presenter who was motivated by Adelle’s story to share her horrific tale with her Facebook fans.