Winning the Sportpesa MEGA Jackpot is more than a dream come true for many. The amount of money you would win is insanely A LOT. If you look at your bank account, you’ll not believe a number of zeros that reflect as your bank balance. The money seems undepletable. Your life changes forever.

However, a simple wrong move can destroy everything you’ve just earned.

In my opinion, here are five VITAL things to do when you win such a large amount of money.

1. Change phone number

You’ll most definitely expect a lot of calls, endless calls from people who have not talked to you for even a decade. An instant change of number will shield you from a lot of not-so-genuine congratulatory message that will ultimately lead to you bleeding millions of money. Go incognito until all the hype ebbs.

2. Contact only your TRUE friends and family

These are the only people who will are less likely to advise you wrongly or hurt you to get the money. Although the previous option is safer as humans cannot be trusted entirely. It’s not necessary to cut off entirely everyone when this kind of money

Abisai 4

3. Relocate to a gated community

It doesn’t make sense living in the same locality you were in; especially if it is unsafe. The best thing to do is move you and your family to a new home. They will be safe and a new life will be conjured. That’s the best thing to do…instead of waiting for bad things to befall you.

4. Invest wisely, with the help of an expert

That amount of money is huge but it is definitely depletable. You can buy a supercar and end up living in a rented houses a few years from now. So, approach a reputable financial advisor for help in putting your money into proper use. Sportpesa offers after win advise on how to invest your money wisely.

5. Live your life to the maximum

Let go of your previous life; the misery and hopelessness. This is a new chance to excel in life. It’s a chance to live the life you never imagined you would live. Let go of stress. Visit your dream destinations. Board a plane. Go scuba diving or bungee jumping. Eat your dream food. Buy your dream car. Life is all about being happy!

The MEGA Jackpot is brought to you by Sportpesa, now Everton’s main partner.

According to the Everton Football Club’s website, the deal will be effective from June 1 and will see the SportPesa brand feature on the club’s shirts for the 2017/18 season.

The recent Sportpesa MEGA Jackpot winner is Samuel Abisai who walked away with a whooping Ksh. 221 million.

This week’s #SportPesaMegaJackpot stands at Kshs.107,649,207/=. All it takes is one’s will to play!

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