Njugush father's day

It’s father’s day. You know the one day when businesses commercialize fatherhood.
So I decided to jump aboard that gravy train but to atleast give you useful tips on which gifts to get first time fathers. Some of the gifts in my list are my cynical additions meant to help new dad’s better cope with the immense pressures that accompany the changes to their families.
Others are handy gifts that only experienced fathers would know to gift men who are still green in their fatherhood experience.


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The Jay Z album is what I like to call “adult hip hop”. It is basically an inspiration to men to take care their family with tracks like ” Family Feuds” and an ode to any man looking to leave his offspring some level of security with the track “Legacy” .
Every hero needs a theme song: this album has several.

Baby monitor

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Because utility. And men being logical thinkers are big on utility.


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I remember when I had my bouncing parasite. I was surprised at just how fast he ran through his diapers. It got to the point I begun to appreciate the Pampers gift hamper. They were lifesavers on more than one occasion. Take it from me, this is a gift first-time fathers will genuinely appreciate.


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The whiskey is for a polite drink as you celebrate his fatherhood.