Building an emotional and physical connection with your partner is the key to intimacy in a relationship. However, sex doesn’t always cut it.

Here are a few non-sexual ways that would help to spice up your love life and strengthen your bond.

Talk the erotic way

Throwing some flirtatious words at your man is a major turn on.

Make him feel special by using your words especially in the middle of his day.

Send him sweet words in the middle of his meeting so he knows you’re thinking of him.

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Believe in massages

Who said you cannot be romantic?

If you are determined to save your relationship, you will do everything in your power. Foot massages too.

Wait for him to get home from work depending on his mood and preference, rub his feet and give him a massage.

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Invest in a good scent

Never underestimate the power of a nice and sensual cologne.

Dress up and wear perfume that draws your partner’s attention.

Talk dirty and you will see the sexual tension building.

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Talk about fantasies

Talk about what you would do if both of you were on a vacation in the Maldives.

Men react to good treatment and sexual talk much easier than ladies.

Talk about stuff you would do to him if he let you and watch yourself unlock the door to his personal chamber.

The way to everyone’s heart is through the stomach especially men

Take advantage of that situation and throw in something extra.

Dim the lights when cooking,throw in a bottle of wine or some chocolates depending on what gets him going.

By the time you’ll be done cooking you’ll have already made your point.

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