So the other day I wrote an article about the first daughter-in-law Fiona Achola Ngobi Jomo and I was attacked left, right and center especially on Twitter for referring to Achola as the “future first lady”.

Well, I did not mean any harm. But what will happen if one-day Achola becomes the first lady? Will you withdraw your comments or you will crucify me again?

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Anyway, Achola is a simple woman despite all the wealth. But some of you have been hating on her because she is too classy to be your girlfriend.

Here are the differences between Achola and your girlfriend.

1. Her dress code is very simple
They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and I agree with that. She is never on top of trendy fashion as some struggling lasses who dress ‘perfectly’ to please people.
Fashion never fades and Achola understands that well.


2. Team natural

While your girlfriends are busy exchanging weaves every week, Achola is a natural woman. She prefers a simple life. She braids her hair. She has a unique hairstyle, mohawk which is easy to maintain. Achola also doesn’t apply makeup or if she does, she applies very little, unlike your girlfriends who apply layers of heavy foundation that leave them looking like dead people who have just resurrected.

Fiona Achola Kenyatta
3. Doesn’t walk around with chokers

Nairobi girls will be the end of us. Most of them jump on trendy fashion without even knowing what to wear, where and when. We have seen many walk around with chokers that leave them looking like confused puppies.

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4. Fake nails

Most of the so-called ‘classy’ city girls are so fake. From hair to toe, some of them walk around with fake bums just to leave Team Mafisi turning their heads. They will flock beauty parlours so as to have artificial nails fixed and later flaunt on Instagram videos and Snapchat.

Fake Nails

5. She is not on social media

You are married to makanga/tout yet you give us sleepless nights. What about if you were married to a rich kid? Unlike your girlfriends who flood our timelines with hundreds of photos and videos from a road trip to Machakos or a retreat to Rongai, Achola is very mature and we haven’t seen her exhibit such bad peculiar behaviors. Achola hatusumbui Instagram with captions such as; ‘woke up like this, slaying, lipstick on fleek, penda wewe sana Jomo/Nina (in-law) etc.

When you want your Instagram followers to believe that you're actually living that lifestyle.
When you want your Instagram followers to believe that you’re actually living that lifestyle.

6. Accepted a traditional Kikuyu wedding

If she was another lady, she would have asked for a million dollar wedding then leave you barely six months after marriage.

Jomo and Achola Wedding Gatundu

So stop hating! Achola is a simple woman just like our female leaders; Margaret Kenyatta, Janet Museveni among others.