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The desire for many young people to become Kenyan celebrities is great. From childhood, most dream of being a celebrity growing up; but to some its a dream come through while to others it doesn’t happen, they end up doing something else.

In Kenya, we see a new crop of celebrities  emerge from different corners of the country and  this simply tells that Kenyans enjoy being in the limelight whether in the positive or negative way. Some have managed to keep their private lives under the wraps but to some like Laura Oyier, controversy is what makes them famous.

Below is a list of the most controversial ladies in Kenya for the past 8 months, go through and see what the “bad girls” have been up to.

1. Laura Oyier

The serial bill defaulter first made headlines after failing to pay a bill of Ksh.230,000 at a famous five-star hotel, and from the look of things, the controversial lady seems to still be enjoying the spotlight even up to now.

Serial Bill Defaulter Laura Oyier Awaits Her Court Cases At The Scene Of Her Humiliation (PHOTOS)