campus girls

Every university has its own set of peculiar individuals. For some of you who have your campus days behind you, you were probably the peculiar person. For those in campus, you know these guys. If you do not know them, its probably you. Read on to find out the kinds of people you should avoid in campus.

The Difference Between A Campus Boy And A Working Man

1.The Weed Guy.

Weed Guy

You have probably never seen him sober. He is always smoking one or eating some laced products. He never attends classes and when he does, he is high to the moon and can’t even tell what’s going on. You can’t trust these guys. He’ll probably use you for CATs and exams or worse, stick his ‘commodities’ on you for hiding. And if he is your roommate, you will have strange people knocking on your door at odd times and your room smelling like a weed farm.